RCGA will be closed May 2 - 3 and May 16 - June 7 while in Brazil.

Last day to submit Casa photos and herb payment is Sunday 11 May. Herbs will be mailed by 11 June.

The Reiki Center of Greater Alexandria (RCGA) was established in January 2005 as the spiritual healing center of Kathy South. Kathy is a Healer, Medium, and Teacher whose training and spiritual path began in 2003. She began her training with Reiki and became a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui, Sekhem-Seichim, Karuna and Lightarian™ lineages. She was lead to train in other energetic techniques such as a Medical Intuitive, Quantum Practitioner, Magnified Healing Practitioner, and Cell and Organ Regeneration Practitioner.

Upon Kathy's first trip to John of God in Brazil in November 2008, she was identifed as a Medium thereby explaining her rapid evolution in healing abilities. Her mediumship as a healer creates transformational healing for clients and is transformative for students. Even with all of her spiritual healing abilities, Kathy was lead to train in other energetic techniques not typically used by healers and mediums. She trained as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner to integrate energy psychology with clients and to help them clear stress and negative emotions. She trained as a Family Constellation Facilitator to heal the systemic energy of a client's family at a soul level.

Kathy South travels to Brazil 3 or 4 times a year as a Group Leader/Guide and Medium to the Casa de Dom Inácio where John of God has his spiritual hospital center in Brazil. Click here to learn more about Kathy's background and training.

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